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Welcome to the World of the RC2014


(Under construction - lots of stuff missing)


2017-10-05T14 05 25.241Z-RC2014 Pro

Complete Z80 based system running CP/M


This documentation is only made for my own needs and to get a quicker access to documentation needed in this project

Usage Hints

Some external resources can not be shown in frames (Tindie, Github, OSHPark, some blogging software) - so a new browser page is opened for this external resources

Some PDFs are distributed with this infobase, some are external resources

Whenever possible a link to the original developer site is offered - please make sure, to check there for up-to-date information

To get best experiences use a browser with build-in PDF viewer support. Here Chrome is working for me, Firefox is just downloading the PDFs - I think, that I have to configure it somehow to show the PDFs within a frame.

If something is missing or you would like to see it here - send me a eMail to

The PDF document is typically different from the Online-base. A PDF document should be readable and the number of external references should be minimized.


The RC2014 system has been reviewed by Hackaday