MSK - DS1511Y+ Real Time Clock

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MSK - DS1511Y+ Real Time Clock


This is my first module ... and it adds a RTC to the system. In addition to this the chip adds additional features to the system:

Time, Calendar, Y2000 clean

256 Bytes NRAM



Turn Power on and off by software

It was more a learning of stuff needed to produce a PCB. The chip is easy to handle, parallel interface - so a good starting point.

The version 1.0 had a complete wrong socket for the chip. The version 1.1 (below) is running, but then enhanced features are not enabled. The version 1.2 became too difficult, so that the power management was now transferred to the Power-Module and I am waiting now for the version 1.3 PCB.

If this is error free, the source code at will be made public.


Version 1.3


This modules uses the 2x40 bus to give a power-on signal to the bus